Conversation starters

Getting customer conversations going is simple, right? Just publish a number and wait for people to call? Sure, there’s a grain of truth in that. But if optimal customer care center operation is your goal, you need to consider a much bigger story.

  • Do your numbers add up?

    People can be picky about phone numbers. And so can regulators. You need to choose wisely.
  • Are you always within reach?

    You can’t answer calls that drop off the line before even getting to your service center. Which is more likely to happen than you might think. And what do you do when too many people call at the same time?
  • Don’t stress, we’ve got it ALL covered

    Our three areas of service combine into everything you need to get the calls you want, keep on the right side of the law and on top of your workload. We even look after relevant third party negotiations and administration. Leaving you more time to focus on answering.
  • At a cost worth shouting about

    Using Sound of Data to optimize every aspect of your inbound call performance won’t cost you any more than you pay for traditional services. In fact, with our strong negotiating position, efficient methods and local know-how, we might even save you money.

No more number crunching!

Allow us to look after your inbound call needs and feel the burden of administration float away. When you become part of our family, the only number you need to remember is ONE. Because we make all the magic happen via ONE service desk, ONE SLA that guarantees everything you need and ONE system that manages all your traffic. In every country, for any language. That’s the deal!